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Worldwide shipping

Whether national or international. We bring your shipments safely and reliably to any place in the world.


All products of any size!

Our logistics department specializes in handling a large number of small orders.

Data management

We take care of the organization of your data so that you can reach its full potential. Your company is given optimum support.

Postage optimization

Maximum postage optimization, minimal postage costs.

For each shipment, we determine the cheapest shipping alternative.

Returns management

We offer efficient returns management including the return of goods to inventory, sale of special items or disposal.


Our shipping tool offers you various options for managing your offers.

With our dashboard you always have the most important things in view.

Addressing & barcode creation

You have the address. We ensure correct addressing in accordance with all standards and specifications of the postal service provider.

Shelf & block storage

With us, your goods are in professional hands. We guarantee safe storage around the clock.

Enveloping & packaging

We have the right packaging for every product. Envelopes or shipping boxes for every purpose in different sizes and formats.


Completely carefree. We take care of storage, order picking, packaging, franking and shipping for you so that you can concentrate on your core business.

Warehouse management

We handle the organization of all loading and unloading processes, article storage and inform you about the current stock.

Quality management

We make sure that your customers will always benefit from the good quality of your offers.

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